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Our chef Cristian Morales’ signature cuisine restaurant, started under the principle of personalized attention to all its diners. This principle expanded into taking our personalized attention out to private events, and that is how our Catering division was born. Since then, we have been part of endless events showcasing one of what have become one of our most important features.

We are only a few months away from the 10th anniversary of the beginning of this dream coming true in the beautiful city of Cancun. The time has come to generate new paths and to offer our guests new and unique experiences. We are happy to announce that from November 2019, we will be presenting our THEMED DINNERS with different characters from the history.

Chef Cristian Morales is bringing to you "Flavours of History"”, theatrical-themed dinners. We will portrait a retrospective view of the life and work of the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, with an adaptation of Joaquín Lozoya and Laura Lagarda, based on the memoirs of the famous writer Elena Poniatowska and Carla Stellweg’s essay.

"Flavours of history" is an interactive dinner in which our guests will be enjoying the charachter’s favourite drinks and dishes. While tasting these delicious flavours, our guests will be transported to a passage in history and a moment of our charachter’s lives. This unique experience, will be accompanied with live music.

Among the amazing THEMED DINNERS coming soon, you will find: "Pancho Villa’s Revolution", "Emiliano Zapata and the Adelitas", "Las Catrinas" and we will also be tracing down stories from the 1940’s old Mexico. From the play “Nostalgia and a love story” passing by the greatest Leonardo Da Vinci’s dinner experience with the king and queen in which he invents cutlery and napkins; you will be enticed with flavours and an unforgettable dinner experience.

"Flavours of History" is just one of the various experiences we will be offering to our customers, within the framework of the celebrations of our 10th anniversary in Cancun. In the same way and during the next coming year, we will keep surprising our guests with new experiences and will be honoring Cancun’s 50th anniversary conformed as a city.


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